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Practical ideas on how to introduce new team members virtually

Elena Crnalic

Team Building Expert & Marketer

Coming up with ideas on how to introduce a new team member virtually as a manager and introducing yourself as a new employee to the team is quite difficult. 

You need to think about what to say, when, and how to say it. This is why we came up with some ideas (including some team-building activities) and samples on how to introduce a new team member virtually. 

How do you introduce new team members virtually - a timeline

We decided to break the introduction of the new team member into three parts: before an employee joins, the day of, and after.

1. Before joining 

Before a new employee joins, we recommend alerting your current team of the new joiner at least 3 days beforehand. This will give them more context; they won't be surprised about the new joiner and will, in turn, make the new employee feel more welcome. To do so, you can use the communication tool of your choice, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Email, or any other tool. Here is a sample of how to introduce new team members virtually: 

“ Hey team, John is joining the marketing team next Monday as a Content Manager. Let’s make John feel welcome by connecting with him on LinkedIn and dropping him a message [insert link]. For those who’ll work closely with John, please remember to schedule 1-1s with him.”

P.S. Make sure you get the permission of the new joiner to share their LinkedIn profile. 

2. First day: Fun ways to introduce them

The first day is usually extremely busy for both the employee and the manager, so keep things simple here.

Send out a Slack/ Teams/ Email message to your team 

Now, it’s time to introduce your new team member to the team. When introducing the new team member, encourage your current employees to give a warm welcome to the new hire and arrange a 1 on 1. Here is a sample of how you can formulate this message: 

“ Hey, team! Let’s give a warm welcome to John, who will support the marketing team as Content Manager. John has previously worked at [X company] and [something personal about John that he wants to share]. Welcome to the team, John!

Organize a short coffee break 

If you are working remotely, invite the team to join and meet on Zoom or any other video communication platform. This will allow the new employee to meet some of their new colleagues in a relaxed and casual manner. A nice way to make the new employee feel welcome.

Keep it fun with some ‘get to know me’ games

When the new team member joins, make sure everyone gets to know each other and foster interpersonal relationships. Here are some fun ways to introduce new team members virtually: 

  • Play a round of Guess What? and Work Buddy on Gomada. These activities will allow your new employee to get to know the rest of your team in a fun and entertaining way.
  • Play “Never Have I Ever” work edition. Get your team members to fill out a form with three random things they have never done. In a video call with your team members, recite those things and see who drinks from their cup. You can then encourage them to elaborate on things they have done. 
  • Play “Rose, thorn, bud”. This game can create a shared feeling of optimism and energy amongst the team and is a great way to make your new employee feel included, nurtured, and connected

3. After joining, keep building the relationships

  • Assign a work buddy to them to show them the ropes of your virtual office and practical things at your organization.
  • Check in on them frequently in the beginning, then taper off. Have regular check ins during their first and second week. This will make them feel cared for and supported.
  • Make sure they have regular connections with other team members by organizing regular one on ones, coffee breaks and monthly team building activities

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Introducing YOURSELF to a new team virtually

Now, let’s look at joining a new team from a new employee’s perspective. Consider following the below steps to make sure you have a stellar introduction.

1. What do you want to say? 

Figuring out what you would like to say beforehand can help with nerves. Before figuring out what to say about yourself to your new teammates, consider the following: 

  • Keep it short - between 1-2 minutes of an introduction is perfect. 
  • Keep it real - perhaps say something interesting about yourself or mention your favorite hobby. This might prompt your new teammates to contact you and learn more about your hobby, or you might find that you share the same one. 
  • End it on a positive note - Say how excited you are to join the team and why you decided to apply for the position. You can also mention that you are excited to get to know everyone and encourage them further to schedule a 1on1 with you. 

2. Practice  

You know what they say, practice makes perfect! So make sure to write down what you want to say and practice it a couple of times before you need to introduce yourself to the team. You can practice by: 

  • Asking a friend or a family member to meet you via Zoom or Google meet and practicing your delivery to them
  • Practicing in front of a mirror 
  • Practicing with your partner or a friend at home 

3. Deliver  

After practicing, it is time to deliver what you have written down. The way you deliver your introduction matters since you are introducing yourself for the first time virtually and not in person. A few tips to ensure your delivery is on point: 

  • Turn your camera on - body language matters. We recommend to have your camera set to an eye level and sit up straight when introducing yourself. It’s always nice when people feel that you are talking to them directly. 
  • Be enthusiastic - show your enthusiasm on camera and how happy you are to join the team.

What comes after? 

You have introduced a new employee to the team. Now what? Invest time in employee engagement and team building. This will ensure that your new employee gets to know their colleagues and fosters interpersonal relationships and connectedness.

As a remote, hybrid or an onsite company, your best bet would be to invest in a virtual employee engagement platform, employee engagement app, or any other employee engagement solution.

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