Guess What?

Let your team answer questions about each other. With each team member getting a turn, Guess What is a hilarious way to build connections between remote team members.

15-20 Minutes
Team size
2-10 Participants

About the activity

Guess What is a relaxed and fun game where everyone tries to guess general trivia about each other. Questions range from what was their very first job to is pineapple on pizza ok. After finding out the correct answer you should go deeper and have discussions about how or why. This activity is great to create stronger bonds between everyone in a non-work communication way.

Good to know

  • Anyone can start the game and move to the next question after the time limit.
  • Don’t forget to ask some follow-up questions to spark interesting conversations and not just rush through the activity.

How it works


Start activity once everyone has joined.


Choose questions you want your peers to answer about you.


When a question about one of your team members pops up, try to guess the right answer. If a question is about you, click the correct answer then wait for your team members to make a guess.


Any questions? Shoot!

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