Improve key dimensions of your team with Gomada

We're developing activities and dimensions with the University of Coventry School of Psychology. Gomada is not an activity library - instead, we measure what your team needs most and suggest the right activity.

Strengthen relationships

Employees with strong relationships are staying longer in your team.

Did you know that relationships are the single most important aspect of happiness? In fact, healthy relationships are a vital component of personal health and wellbeing. Get Gomada. Get Happiness.

Develop purpose

It is purpose that fuels passion and motivation of employees.

Studies have proven that a sense of purpose drives employee motivation. We help you create meaning in your team’s work to inspire their passion.

Spark creativity

Companies that foster creativity achieve exceptional revenue growth.

Creativity drives business innovation and growth. Can creative skills be learned? Gomada surely lets your team hone into their full creative potential.

Have fun

A happy work environment means fewer sick days and greater productivity.

No one wants to sit through a lame team building session. At Gomada, you will laugh your a** off, or at least leave with a smile on your face.

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