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Gomada auto-generates a sequence of activities tailored to your team. Run activities and watch engagement soar.

Over 700 teams are building stronger remote teams with Gomada


A connected and motivated team does better work.

Figuring out how to build one

is up to you.

Gomada shows you exactly what to do

Run the right team activities at the right time.

Little time = big difference

You’ll improve engagement without neglecting other projects.

Teams *love* our activities

No eye-rolls when you invite everyone to team building. 9/10 participants say they'd run Gomada activities more often.

Real team engagement in less than one hour a month

That's one Gomada session every two weeks. No research, planning, or organization needed.

Get your activity journey

Gomada shows you exactly what to do: When you sign up, we’ll auto-generate the optimal activity sequence for your team. All you need to do is schedule the activity.

Run your first activities

Our virtual activities are 15-30 minutes long and fully-guided; managers can kick back and enjoy sessions with their team. Each activity is meaningful, tackling our four core dimensions:





Monitor your team’s engagement

Gomada measures employee engagement and five sub-metrics based on surveys and activity data.

Engaged teams are 14% more productive and 43% less likely to leave

9/10 teams increase team engagement after using Gomada for 6 weeks.

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We designed our activities and metrics with experts from the field and in collaboration with organizational psychologists to generate real impact.

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