July 13, 2022

6 Gather Town alternatives to supercharge your team building

It’s hard to find an online team building and communication platform to meet your needs. Here are half a dozen Gather Town alternatives to consider.

There are a lot of team building apps out there. This can make it difficult to find the right one for each event.


Gather Town is a popular team building option that has its perks. But the truth is, Gather Town is an online team building tool that just isn’t for everyone. 


If you’ve found that the drawbacks are too much for you to handle, here are some Gather Town alternatives, starting with our very own Gomada team building solutions.

Team building platforms worth considering

Gather Town (GT) may let you gather, but these apps offer many other ways to approach your work-based team building activities. We’ve presented each one with a quick description and a few pros and cons to consider.

1.  Gomada

Cost: Free 14-day trial — €8 per month per team member

Website: https://www.gomada.co

Best for: Putting your team building on autopilot.


More than a virtual meeting space, Gomada builds an excellent remote team with you. The tool basically does three things to help team leads:

1. Discover where your team needs improvement

Especially when you manage a remote team, it’s tough to know how everyone is feeling. Gomada’s Pulse Surveys will show you where you’ve got work to do and where the team is in good shape.

2. Get activity recommendations to improve the team

Maybe you find out the team doesn’t know each other (work preferences, dreams, and motivators, etc.). In the past, we used Google to find get-to-know activities and organize them manually.

Gomada already knows what your team needs, recommends an activity based on that, and lets you run a polished, engaging session with the click of a button.

Here’s what a session with your team could look like:

3. Eliminates setup and scheduling time for activities
It’s quite straightforward: If team building is a time-suck, you won’t make time for it. At least not more than once a quarter.

With Gomada’s scheduling functionalities (in development), you can do regular team building that drives results with less than 5 minutes of setup, organization, and scheduling a month.

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2.  HyHyve

Cost: Free basic tier and then $.03 per participant per minute (or quoted price).

Website: https://www.hyhyve.com/

Best for: Basic, functional meetings in a virtual space.


HyHyve feels similar to Gather Town. It allows you to create an online virtual environment — and it isn’t even restricted to 8-bit visuals. While simple in functionality, this is a reasonable alternative if you strictly use GT for networking, meetings, and other communication-based purposes.



  • Fun and relaxing virtual work environment.
  • Flexible pricing options (including limited “free” tier and per-minute).



  • Difficult to predict costs.
  • Minimal team-building elements beyond video conference experience.


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3.  Confetti

Cost: Up to $1,670

Website: https://www.withconfetti.com/

Best for: Customizable one-off remote activities.


Confetti is an online platform with just over a dozen different team building activities. Team leaders choose from the selection and Confetti helps with the rest, from booking to configuration and other logistics.



  • Established company with a good reputation.
  • End-to-end team building experience.



  • Expensive and difficult to get a transparent price.
  • Limited number of activities available.


4.  Branch

Cost: n/a

Website: https://branch.gg/

Best for: An interactive virtual work office experience.


Branch is the closest thing on this list to full metaverse immersion. It allows you to set up an office space, move around, and engage with others with a dynamic audio experience. Unfortunately, it’s still in development, but the beta version is open.



  • Recreates similar environment to GT.
  • Highly interactive and easy to use.



  • Can only create offices from a template or completely from scratch.
  • Can be overly-gamified and a little too cheezy for some.
  • Is still in development.


5.  Weve

Cost: From $325 / month or per event fees

Website: https://www.weve.co/

Best for: Initiating fun-focused team building activities and events.


One of the big selling points of GT is the fact that the platform is fun. Weve attempts to steer into the enjoyable vibes as well. The platform focuses on engagement, productivity, and fun. 



  • Professional, auto, and self-host options.
  • Many team building areas of focus (networking, onboarding, happy hour, etc.)



  • High cost per event.
  • Time constraints for planned events.


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6.  Wonder

Cost: $2 per user, per month up to Enterprise-grade quotes.

Website: https://www.wonder.me/

Best for: Creating a clean and effective online meeting space.


Gather Town might be appealing due to its functionality, but you might not want all of the gamified elements. In that case, Wonder is an alternative to consider. The platform is simple, streamlined, and straightforward. People can interact when in virtual proximity, making communication quick and easy, even for remote workers.



  • A clean, effective way to interact.
  • Enables open and private conversations.



  • Lacks a strong team building element.
  • Limited file-sharing options.


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Finding effective remote team building platforms

Gather Town is popular, but it isn’t the only option for effective online team building. 


The apps listed above all offer powerful, uniquely effective ways to improve your remote team’s dynamic. Each one comes with its own costs and capabilities.


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So consider your own team’s needs and then choose a platform that can take your group to the next level.

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