September 26, 2022

The top 17 virtual team building companies in your time zone

What’s the easiest solution to team building? An expert company that does it for you. We hand-vetted 17 services and vendors around the world.

If you landed here, chances are you’re planning a team building activity for work

What’s the easiest solution? An expert company that organizes team building events for you. (Alternative: Free virtual activities)

Since you might not want to wake up in the middle of the night for your event, we’ve broken the list down into major time zone groups. They offer online team building for having fun, improving communication, solving problems together, or exclusively for leadership.

Note: We don’t get paid by any of these companies. Our review is independent with the exception of including Gomada.

🌍 Worldwide team building companies

The companies we’ve listed here either have tools that work from anywhere or have event hosts worldwide.

1. Gomada

Costs: Try for free

Best for: Workplace team building for remote teams.


Gomada is an online platform that helps remote teams get to know each other, build stronger bonds, and do their best work together.

How it works:

  1. Sign up for free
  2. Tell Gomada about your team
  3. Get an activity recommendation and invite your team
  4. Schedule weekly 15-min slots to make team building a habit
  5. Create a paid account if you like it

Gomada is free to try!

2. Confetti

Costs: Up to $1,670

Best for: Fun one-time activities with your team


Confetti is a marketplace that offers 13 virtual team building activities to pick from. The company has made it easy to find the right event and easily book a one-off activity.

How it works:

  1. Pick an activity
  2. Configure the activity (length, theme, etc.)
  3. Choose a date and time
  4. Pay for the event based on your configuration
  5. Invite your team and have fun!

3. Weve

Costs: From $325 / month or pay-per-event

Best for: Hosted virtual team building events


Like Gomada, weve combines engaging activities with video chat features for virtual team building. The big difference is that weve activities are hosted, one hour long, and clock in at a higher price tag.

How it works:

  1. Configure your event (date, time, number of people)
  2. Choose from Standard, Pro, and Premium features
  3. Select the experience you’d like
  4. Pay for the event
  5. Invite your team and have fun!

4. Woyago

Costs: From $30 per person

Best for: Virtually exploring new cities as a team


Explore cities like Paris or Barcelona without ever leaving your home. Woyago’s tour guides are really in the city you booked, and a gourmet box shipped to your home sweetens the deal.

How it works:

  1. Book a demo or request more information
  2. Get a custom proposal
  3. Schedule your date
  4. Invite your team and, you guessed it, HAVE FUN!

5. Marco

Costs: From $47 per person

Best for: A wide range of virtual activities


If you’re looking for variety, Marco is your place to go. From entirely virtual activities to combinations that include send-home kits, you’ll be sure to find the right activity for your team.

How it works:

  1. Pick an activity
  2. Enter your team size and pick a date
  3. Book the event & pay

Virtual team building vendors based in Europe and Africa

Want to make sure the company is in your time zone? Need activities tailored to your team’s cultural background? 

Whatever it may be, we’ve compiled the best European team building companies below.

1. Teamgeist 🇩🇪

Costs: From €19 per person

Best for: Done-for-you professional events


Based in Germany, Teamgeist is an agency that specializes in team building events for remote, hybrid, and in-office teams.

How to work with them:

  1. Pick an event
  2. Provide more information about your team and timeline
  3. Get a callback or email for more details
  4. Book your event and pay

2. The Italian Elixir 🇮🇹

Costs: From €390 (includes 6 participants)

Best for: Impressing your team with a legit Italian cooking class


Virtual cooking classes are old news. Doing them with a professional Italian chef is not. Chef Anthony will teach your team to cook authentic Italian food straight from his kitchen.

How to work with them:

  1. Pick between 6 or 15 participants
  2. Select your time and date
  3. Book and pay online
  4. Get on cookin’

3. World Is Your Office (WIYO) 🇵🇱

Costs: Individually designed programs, price upon request

Best for: A long-term investment in your remote team


WIYO is not only a team building company but focuses its entire business on transitioning teams to working remotely.

How to work with them:

  1. Contact WIYO via phone, email, or their contact form
  2. Talk about your needs
  3. Get a custom team building plan
  4. Kick off a long-term project

4. Vario Event 🇩🇪

Costs: From €19 per person

Best for: Team building with a versatile event agency


From the North of Germany, Vario Event not only organizes team building activities but all sorts of professional events. Their events experience will make for a professional partner.

How to work with them:

  1. Filter events for online-only and pick your favorite
  2. Reach out via their contact form
  3. Get more details via email
  4. Book your event and pay

5. One to Team 🇫🇷

Costs: Upon request

Best for: Virtual games, professionally organized


With 15 years of team building experience translated to 5 fun remote activities, One to Team seems to be the #1 virtual team building company in France.

How to work with them:

  1. Choose an activity on the website
  2. Reach out via their contact form
  3. Get more details
  4. Book your event and pay

6. Beach & Bush Team Building 🇿🇦

Costs: Upon request

Best for: Virtual activities you actually haven’t seen before


While many companies offer very similar activities, Beach & Bush out of South Africa offers what seem to be activities they developed themselves. If you need a breath of fresh air, they’re the way to go.

How to work with them:

  1. Pick your activity
  2. Send a booking request online
  3. Book and pay for your event online (they operate 24h)

Virtual team building activities companies based in the Americas

Between North, Central, and South America, we couldn’t even begin to cover all the great team building companies. 

Below are the ones we’ve found most interesting to save you some Google-time.

1. 🇺🇸 

Costs: From $30 per person

Best for: Facilitated virtual team building from the US


If you’re looking for virtual team building companies, is hard to miss. One of the biggest players in the space, they’ve developed 25 virtual activities to choose from.

How to work with them:

  1. Choose an event
  2. Reach out via their contact form
  3. Get a custom quote
  4. Book your event and pay

2. Outback Team Building 🇨🇦

Costs: From $60 per person, $995 minimum per event

Best for: Hosted activities from team building experts


What started as an adventure company in 1992 turned into a professional team building company. Although Outback offers fun activities, they also provide extensive training and development for remote teams.

How to work with them:

  1. Pick an activity
  2. Get an instant estimate
  3. Choose your time and date
  4. Order online and book your event instantly

3. Argentina Team Building 🇦🇷

Costs: Upon request

Best for: Wholistic team building beyond just having fun


Argentina Team Building works with teams in all of Latin America via online workshops. Divided into 6 goals, their team develops a custom program tailored to your needs.

How to work with them:

  1. Book a 30-minute consultation via Calendly
  2. Meet with Ernesto
  3. Get a custom quote for your program

4. Catalyst Team Building 🇧🇷

Costs: Upon requests

Best for: Global teams with a need for local expertise


Catalyst Global arguably has the most locations of all team building providers, making it a solid match for teams distributed across the globe.

How to work with them:

  1. Choose an activity online
  2. Request a quote
  3. Get your quote and book your event

Online team building companies based in the Middle East & Asia

Last but not least, we used our best Google Maps skills to find Middle Easter and Asian companies. We thoroughly read reviews, their services and boiled it down to our three favorites:

1. Get Out! 🇸🇬

Costs: Upon request

Best for: Hosted team building from a professional event agency


Co-founders Felix & Stacy have run over 2,000 events since 2012. Based out of Singapore, Get Out organizes fun team building events that are cost-effective.

How to work with them:

  1. Pick an event on their website
  2. Use the chat or request a quote
  3. Get your quote and book the event

2. Team Building Asia (TBA) 🇭🇰

Costs: Upon request

Best for: Classic virtual team building activities


Based out of Hong Kong, TBA offers classic virtual team building activities in China Standard Time and many other places like the Philippines, Malaysia or Western Australia.

How to work with them:

  1. Pick an event on their website
  2. Request more information via their form
  3. Get your quote and book the event

3. Turnaround 🇦🇪

Costs: Upon request

Best for: Remote teams ready to invest in a long-term program


Turnaround takes a program approach to team building. After determining which of four levels your team is at, Turnaround develops the team all the way to Level 4.

How to work with them:

  1. Determine your team level on their website
  2. See which activities are appropriate for your level
  3. Reach out via a form or WhatsApp
  4. Get a custom quote

FAQs - Virtual team building companies

How do you do team building virtually/with remote employees?

Many remote teams we talk to aren’t doing much team building to begin with. So the most important thing is to start, even if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing.

Next, try to be consistent. Team building isn’t a one-off activity you run once a quarter. Set up a weekly or bi-weekly rhythm to invest in your remote team consistently.

The easiest way to do team building consistently is using Gomada. While team building event companies are a huge help, oftentimes they’re too expensive to work with regularly. But without any help, you’re on your own. 

Gomada fills that gap - it’s affordable to do weekly and takes little time from team leads. There are plenty other apps (and dedicated Slack apps) to help you do this.

What is virtual team building?

This one is straightforward! Virtual team building is the process of taking a group of individual people working alongside each other, and turning them into a team that works toward the same goal, knows each other, and accomplishes things that individuals alone could not.

What companies use team building?

To be frank, not many companies invest in team building. The ones that do (Google, Facebook, etc.) consistently outperform those that aren’t.

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