September 26, 2022

11 worthy Gatheround alternatives: Find your perfect fit

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the best Gatheround alternatives. These are our top 11 picks. Free choices included!

We can't deny it: Gatheround’s platform is great! It offers a wide range of activities that connect your team and build culture remotely. And they help take the stress out of planning activities with automatic scheduling.

But Gatheround is not the only player on the market, and different needs require different solutions. 

We’ve picked 11 worthy alternatives and leave it up to you to decide which one is just right for you.

1. Gomada

Price: Try for free

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎💎💎

Number one selling point: making remote team building an effective habit.

The obvious pick: Gomada is a tool that helps remote teams get into a team building routine. If you’re struggling to keep your team engaged but don’t have the time to prepare team building activities yourself, Gomada is the way to go. The platform is easy to use and guides you through the process from start to finish. Gomada is free to try!

How it works:

  1. Discover areas your team could progress in: Through pulse surveys and activity feedback, Gomada analyses where your team’s strengths and weaknesses lie.
  2. Receive AI-powered activity recommendations: Gomada recommends activities that help you improve based on your team metrics and goals.
  3. Automatic scheduling and running of activities: Make team building a habit without spending hours looking for and planning activities.

2. Squadpal

Price: from 3.99$ per user

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎💎

Number one selling point: virtual happiness manager for team growth.

At Gomada, we’re happy to have a happiness manager on our team; if you don’t, Squadpal is the way to go. The app helps your team to socialize and get to know each other beyond their daily work. With weekly activity suggestions, company-wide challenges, and interest communities, your team is set up to grow together.

Squadpal also offers a Slack integration. Some functionalities are only available in the mobile app, though.

3. Thrive

Price: upon request

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎

Number one selling point: all-in-one well-being platform for healthier teams.

As the name suggests, Thrive wants your team to, well, thrive in their daily workflow. Its mission is to combat burnout “with real-time stress-reducing tools, inspirational storytelling, and science-backed Micro steps that help [your people] build better habits.”

Thrive also provides courses around different well-being topics and the possibility of forming support networks.

4. WFHomie

Price: upon request

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎💎💎

Number one selling point: all the tools you need to foster a better company culture.

WFHomie is a digital software that focuses on improving employee engagement amongst remote and hybrid teams. Their product centers around three main features: 

  1. People Analytics: monitoring and evaluating internal communication across various channels
  2. Professional Development: providing a collection of wellness and personal development programs
  3. Social events: automated planning of varying team building events

5. Kabloom

Price: upon request

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎

Number one selling point: authentic team building led by experienced entertainers.

The Kabloom team takes pride in offering authentic virtual team building activities beyond your typical online escape room or trivia night. And judging by their portfolio of events, which includes "Drag Zumba," "Virtual Vacation," and "Virtual Graffiti Workshops," it's safe to say they keep their promises. All Kabloom experiences are guided by experienced show hosts who seamlessly blend entertainment with meaningful team building.

Since everything is live-hosted, Kabloom activities allow for less spontaneity and require you to take the time to schedule an event yourself.

6. Quala

Price: upon request

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎💎

Number one selling point: a gamified approach to building team connections.

Quala provides different virtual challenges designed to connect remote teams in a playful way. Their client base includes big names like Coca-Cola, Meta, or Pfizer, so you’ll find yourself in good company.

How it works:

  1. Tell the Quala team which problem area you want to work on 
  2. Play a team building game tailored toward your needs
  3. Receive a personalized session debrief

7. Jyre

Price: 500 £ per user per year

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎💎

Number one selling point: creating high-performance teams through team building. 

Jyre has taken a cue from successful teams outside the workplace. Their process for building effective teams combines practice, team time, and personal development. The platform offers in-person coaching, reports, and workshops to improve team performance as well as professional-development guides. 

Jyre focuses on optimizing team effectiveness. So if you want to build deeper connections between team members, another provider is probably a better fit.

8. Remote Bridge

Price: upon request

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎

Number one selling point: immersive 3D team building experiences.

Doing a boat race, dancing on the beach, and running through the forest for a scavenger hunt are usually activities reserved for teams who aren’t working remotely. With Remote Bridge, you can do all that and more with your virtual teammates. Their secret ingredient: immersive, 3D worlds. While it may not be exactly like walking next to the ocean, it still makes for a fun experience with your colleagues.

RemoteBridge is a great option for a one-off team building event. However, they do not provide any analytics or recurring activities.

9. Hermis

Price: free basic plan, paid plans start at $500 per month

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎💎💎💎

Number one selling point: engage teammates through ‘funtivities’.

From the look-and-feel to the platform set-up, Hermis might be the closest alternative to Gatheround on this list. They offer many activities, scheduling, and different personalization options. Similar to Gatheround, you can choose between event templates around certain topics or creating a custom event. Beyond that, Hermis includes features like a leadership board and a mingling area for your team. 

Good to know: Hermis focuses on providing fun for your team. While they provide events around topics like women’s or black history month, those mainly entail games adapted to the theme, such as quizzes, trivia, or bingo.

10. Roots

Price: free basic plan, paid plans start at $5 per user

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎💎

Number one selling point: features are integrated directly into your digital workspace.

If you're hesitant to add yet another piece of software to the suite of apps your team has to juggle on a daily basis, Roots may be the best choice for you. Roots offers HR plugins that can be embedded directly into Slack. The tool lets you feel the pulse of your team, organize check-ins and foster connections between teammates – all within your Slack workspace. 

Unfortunately, Roots only works with Slack and no other collaboration software at this point.

11. Go with a coach

Price: 2000 $+ per session

Similarity to Gatheround: 💎

Number one selling point: expert-led, custom team building sessions.

If you’ve read through this list and still couldn’t find anything that would cater to your needs, chances are, team building platforms are just not for you. As an alternative, consider going with a team building coach. They are experts in the field and can assist you in setting up, leading, and analyzing your team building efforts. 

Some great sites to find online coaching programs are and But, something to be aware of is that coaches come at a higher price tag and sometimes only provide one-off sessions instead of regular meetings.

Gatheround alternatives: Finding the right fit

Knowing what your team needs is the first step in finding a platform that works for you. If you don’t have a clear idea of what that is, choose a provider who can help you figure it out. If you do know what areas you want to improve, all you have to do is pick the platform that fulfills your criteria best. For even more alternatives, check out our post about the 13 best team building apps. To learn more about building connections in remote teams, have a look at our blogs about free team building online and activities for any workplace.

P.S. There's also a similar-sounding tool called Gather unrelated to Gatheround.

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