How remote leaders build stronger teams

Gomada helps managers assess and improve their remote teams.


Run online activities to improve your team

Gomada guides your team through online exercises to improve a specific aspect of your team (e.g., relationships or creativity). Team leaders just show up with everyone else. No prep or moderation required.

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Create team moments without lifting a finger

Throughout the week, Gomada's Slack-Bot asks questions that help you get to know each other, learn about work preferences, and have a good laugh. Best of all, it happens automatically. Magic 💫

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Measure how your team is feeling

Address issues before team members decide to leave. Gomada collects insights from your team during your activities. You'll see results in real-time and can track how metrics develop over time in your dashboard.

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See your team's strengths & weaknesses

Gomada collects feedback from your team, calculates scores, and visualizes them in your dashboard. Build a top-notch team with minimum effort by always knowing where to spend your time.

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Get a step-by-step plan to improve your team

Not sure how to build an excellent team? Gomada recommends a sequence of activities based on your team metrics and science 🔬. That way, you can improve the right aspects of your team at the right time.

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