July 13, 2022

13 Halloween team building ideas to get your spook on

Still scared of the number 13? Well, don’t be. With these 13 Halloween team building ideas, you’ll get some tricks to bring your colleagues a real treat!

Sweater weather is upon us, pumpkin lattes are back on the shelves, and the toilet paper is suspiciously low on stock? You know what it means - it’s time for the spooky season! 

And is there a better way to celebrate it than with your annual Halloween party? Just one: Halloween team building! So pre-order your costumes and check out these 13 fun Halloween team bonding games to bring a little bit of magic to your work routines.

Halloween team building activities for the workplace

Need some inspiration for fun Halloween team building games and activities you could enjoy right at your office? We’ve got you! 

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1. Carve a pumpkin - team building activities to awaken creativity

Nothing screams “Halloween” quite as much as pumpkin carving! So why not turn it into an exciting team building experience? Work together to unleash your creative genius and bond over an entertaining activity.

If you're up for the challenge, check out this video about 13 levels of pumpkin carving, ranging from easy to difficult.

2. Grow a pumpkin together - slow-paced team building activities to practice patience 

Instead of buying pumpkins at the store of your local farmer’s market, invest in an indoor planter. Then, you can work together throughout summer growing your very own queen of the crop. 

3. Decorate the office - Halloween team building activity to promote cooperation  

Work together to turn your polished office space into the spookiest of them all! Something as simple as decorating a room together can become a real challenge an excellent chance for the employees to work on their leadership skills

4. Invite a fortune teller or a Tarot reader to the office - team bonding to encourage communication

Plenty of topics to discuss with your colleagues before, during, and after the event guaranteed. Whether to take it seriously and build your entire next year’s strategy around your spread or to goof around is entirely up to you! 

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Halloween team building events

Some people will spend months completing an authentic costume of a Victorian aristocrat to live the part for a few hours on October, 31. Others will happily go trick-or-treating with just cat ears from the nearest gas station. 

The same goes for your Halloween-themed team building activities. Here is how you can go all-in! 

5. Organize a late-night costume gala - bonding to support a cause

It’s your typical charity gala with a twist - a costume and Halloween appetizers twist! Perfect for large corporations. 

6. Gather for a Halloween-themed potluck party - an all-time favorite holiday tradition

Cooking together is fun, but do you know what’s even more fun? Judging what others have cooked over a share of ghost-shaped cookies. Check out these Halloween recipes or invent your own!  

7. Hold a spiritual seance at your office - team building experience to shift the perspective 

Did Tarot reading seem a bit mundane to you? Then you’re going to love this idea! Invite a real-life medium to your office and try to communicate with the spirits.  

8. Tell ghost stories - bond over the chilling tales

Do you ever feel nostalgic over reciting old ghost stories by a campfire? Or calling for Bloody Mary in front of your bathroom mirror as a kid? Then this is the best Halloween activity for your team! 

9. Hold a horror movie night - another one of the classic team building activities 

Sometimes, the only thing that counts is the quality time spent together. Prepare some popcorn, bring in the blankets, and camp out in your conference room for a good old-fashioned movie night. 

10. Join a real-live zombie-themed escape room - a bonding opportunity to show case your problem-solving skills  

Choose one of the IRL escape rooms in your area that feature live actors for some extra chills and thrills. Some of the popular ones during Halloween are: 

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Virtual Halloween team building ideas

With these virtual team building activities, the Halloween celebration is just as accessible for remote teams as it is for the in-house ones! Here are some of our favorite options for you to try:

11. Run an online costume contest - one of the best Halloween activities for team building and also popular IRL

This one works as a kind of a trust exercise. Just use your reliable remote conference platform (e.g. Teams, Zoom, or Veertly), get ready to turn the cameras on, and prepare to be scared (or amazed!). 

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12. Hold a trivia night - Halloween-themed virtual team building 

The history of the holiday and witchcraft, famous serial killers, classic monsters, the best horror movies… There are dozens of spooky topics for your team to bond over during Halloween! And who knows, perhaps you’ll learn something new, too! 

13. Join an online escape room - virtual team building Halloween for remote teams

With the variety of online escape rooms available these days, you no longer need to worry about organizing an exciting virtual experience for your colleagues. Don’t forget to dress up thematically to capture the holiday’s essence! 

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