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Stronger Together

Solve a real problem in your business in this mini-workshop. Grow the business by working together.



30 min.



Work Buddy

Discover your team’s work preferences through a fun quiz and unlock top-notch collaboration.



20-30 min



Coming soon

Family Feud

Bring your team together for a thrilling and interactive game show experience with Family Feud.


30 - 45 min.



Coming soon

Scavenger Hunt

Get ready to explore, problem-solve, and bond as a team with our exciting scavenger hunt activity!

2-200 participants

30-45 min.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Gomada work with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other software?

There's no need for Zoom or Teams because we provide you with a video call system in Gomada. Everything happens in your browser!

What’s the ideal group size for Gomada activities?

It depends on the activity! You can use the filter to find activities that match your group size.

If you have a larger group, send us an email at and we'll create custom breakout rooms for you.

Can anyone start the activity, or just the person who signs up?

Anyone can start the activity, even if the “account owner” isn’t present.

Will my team have to share personal stories during activities?

That depends on the activity. For activities like Guess What, your team can choose the questions they answer and discuss what they’re comfortable with.

Other activities, like Appreciation Shower, are more personal. You can use the preview function to get a feel for it.

Do close-knit teams enjoy these activities?

For sure. We’d consider ourselves as a really close-knit team at Gomada, and we still love our weekly activities. We use activities as a tool to protect that closeness.

Remote teams 💛 Gomada

It's so much fun to do the activities together and to get to know each other!

Edwin V.

Creative Director

We are a fully remote company, and some of us had never seen each other in real life. Gomada is an easy and fun way to connect the team and get to know each other with questions you would never ask.

Jessica W.

Team Lead Recruiting, Start To Finish

Easy setup and scheduling. A large variety of activities. All team members highly appreciated it.

Christoph D.