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Ups & Downs

Get to know what lifts and lowers your teammates spirits with this fun, trivia-style activity.

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TrustCreate psychological safety


2-25 Participants

20-30 min.

Memorable Moments

Revive memories as a team, reflect on the last months, laugh & relive cherished moments.

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TrustCreate psychological safety


2-15 participants

30-45 min

1:1s (30 min)

Ditch work talk for fun convos with coworkers. Get to know each other on a personal level through random matchmaking.

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FamiliarityGet to know each other


2-25 Participants

30 min

Appreciation Shower

Tell each other what you’re great at, send out surprise kudos, and leave feeling awesome.

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RecognitionAppreciate team members


2-25 Participants

20-30 min

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