We’ve been a remote team from the start

At first, it was three different countries. Now, we’re from over six.

Like you, we always knew team building would be important. No after-work beers, no office banter, etc. Some of our team building has worked beautifully, like our Pop-Up Offices we organize twice a year.

But the times in-between, when we're remote, it's hard to stay connected.

It’s so time-intensive to do GOOD team building regularly. How can we expect teams to do this weekly?

Granted, there are plenty of tools and companies that make team building easier.

But none of them solve all three team building problems:
1. Not knowing what the team needs most (fun? connection? inspiration?)
2. Not having the time to provide what they need, regularly
3. Not knowing how well it worked (keep doing it? switch it up?)

So we decided to build it. Something that would solve all three problems in one place.

Our first customer? The Gomada team.

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How we do things at Gomada

Chat bubbles

We deliver quality

We are passionate about our product and strive to provide the best customer experience. We have a can-do attitude and are flexible to quick changes.


We are open

We foster an open and transparent culture where all ideas and opinions are respected. Feedback is what moves us forward.


We work as a team

We believe that a diverse and international team is a key pillar to success. Each individual is respected. We create a sandbox for personal growth.

Building blocks

We make an impact

Our ambition is to help people be happier at work. We'll accomplish this vision in a way that is sustainable for our people and planet.


Meet the team