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How it works

Find your team's strengths & weaknesses

How can team building work if you don’t know what to improve? Through pulse surveys and activity feedback, Gomada analyses your team’s strong and weak areas.

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Build a stronger team while having fun along the way

No more googling “team building activities”. Based on your team metrics and your goals, Gomada recommends activities that help you improve. All you have to do? Press start and invite your team.

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Make team building a habit with auto-scheduling

How often have you de-prioritized team activities because they’re a pain to organize? Gomada’s automated scheduling takes care of things for you.

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What Gomada users have to say:

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Gordana Sretenovic
Co-founder @ Workello

Team building was always really hard for us as a fully-remote company. We're scattered all over the world and finding the activities, learning the rules, and doing that with 20 people was impossible. We gave Gomada a try and loved it! Our team was engaged and we learned something new about everyone. We loved that the game was dynamic and interactive so even the shy team members had something to do and not feel excluded. We'll definitely make Gomada activities a monthly event, but the goal is to eventually get to do it every week :)

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Marta Garnica
Head of People, JOTELULU

We've been struggling to find the balance between hybrid employees and full remote teams and managers don't have time to prepare ahead. We gave Gomada a try this week and it was super easy! We were a team of 9, the activity was fun and very general so everyone could easily feel included and comfortable (even the very shy ones!). The only thing we missed the most is having a bit more time between each question to discuss the teammate's answer, but overall, it made us laugh in a short amount of time so there are no excuses to make these types of activities happen ;)

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Vesse Tsvetkova
Executive Assistant, Ultra

Gomada makes it really fun and easy to connect remote teams, onboard new joiners, or just lighten the mood when times are busy. The best part is that you don't have to do any planning and you can tailor how much time you want to spend on the platform. Looking forward to trying out more activities!


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